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Sale of scientific equipment, surgical instruments, dental, first aid and laboratory.

Stockings Antiembólicas, compression for varices, chiropody, pedicure, custom templates and more.
Sale of Antibenzil, disinfectants, cleaners, chemical products, substances, distilled water and more.

School materials, gowns, philippines and uniforms for secondary, high school and university in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, veterinary, orthodontics, medicine and alternative therapies.

All for the care of the patient at home: beds, oxygen tanks, concentrators, vaporizers, humidifiers, comfortable, wheelchairs, walkers, crutch, canes, pillows, cushions.

Supports for the ankle, knee, hip, elbow, neck, wrist, slings, splints, bracelets, masks and more.
Girdles and supports for hernias, dorsi-lumbar, sacrolumbar, abdominal, ribs, lumbar with magnets, magnetic garments, bracelets, bands for post-partum and post-surgery, colostomy, suspensories and more.

Sale of glass, porcelain and plastic material for your laboratory, devices and diagnostic kits.

Stethoscopes, baumanometers, oximeters, diagnostic kits, briefcases, fishing boxes, first aid kits. Uniforms, surgical gowns, for laboratory, for the patient, philippines, bags, surgical games Medical instruments, dental, orthopedics, insoles, gowns and everything for the well-being of the patient.

Dental instruments such as anesthetics, threads, needles, antiseptics, alginates, resins, spatulas, cleaners, forceps, tweezers, mirrors, brushes, fields, bibs, gloves, probes, catheters, TEENS, EMS

Manual and digital baumanometers, stethoscopes, glucometers, nebulizers, tacks, magnets,
Gold and silver balls, needles, Moxa, Pointer and KW electro-stimulator for Acupuncture.

Containers for toxic material and punches, gloves, syringes bandages, healing material, surgical clothing and disposable gowns, uniforms, printed philippines, surgical and nursing sets.

Everything for the doctor, the therapist, the nurse and the patient. We also have everything for the student.

Sale of office furniture, examination lamps, hospital beds, massage, pillows, donuts, tubular chairs, shower chairs, bathroom raises, handles and much more. Walkers, canes, wheelchairs, crutches, Canadian crutches, orthopedics, custom-made insoles, chiropody, pedicure, gifts, compression stockings and Antiembolics, disposable gowns and for patients.
PROVEEDOR MEDICO CIENTIFICO DE OCCIDENTE-Sale of glass, porcelain and plastic material for your laboratory, devices and diagnostic kits